Certification Process

Organization that chooses to manage itself according to International Standard’s requirements, faces a challenge in planning and establishing effective and credible management system along with having an opportunity to comply with customers’ requirements, to reduce business risks and to empower its brand for potential clients and to contribute to organizational efficiency. It is the Certification Body’s responsibility to conduct professional audits providing added value, so that the certified organization can achieve all the above mentioned goals.

RONET’s service complies with international requirements and ensures the:

  1. Certification validity
  2. Prevention of business risk
  3. Administrative infrastructure and reputation

Certification validity

The validity of certification is increasingly important as more and more Israeli companies are audited by their customers in Israel and abroad to verify that the management systems meet the requirements.This process is expressed in the demand for:

A. Certification for international standards – Certificate of a qualified certification body under international accreditation.
B. An audit report that presents an audit according to the requirements and adherence to:
1) Conducting a two-stage audit- as will be detailed below
2) The number of days of the audit and the duration of the audit in accordance with the rules
3) Comprehensive audit including all standard clauses
4) Reporting findings and conclusions, nonconformity reports and opportunities for improvement.

So how does the certification process work?

The duration of the certification cycle is 3 years – the audit mechanism and the validity of the certificate will be detailed below

Initial certification

Initial review of documented information- in order for an auditor to perform document review and get acquainted with the organizations processes’ definitions and to verify that the documentation information conforms with the audited standard’s requirements, you shall be requested to submit to us the following:
• Application for review of documented information- the matrix shall be sent to you to be filled stating the documented information maintained by the organization in accordance with standard’s requirement. The filled in application needs to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled transition audit.

This process is necessary for us to evaluate the planning of the organization’s management system and its implementation via required documentation.

The document review is a base for developing sufficient and professional audit plan.

Stage 1 Audit- First part of the Initial Audit
The Stage 1 on site audit enables us to verify the compliance of the documentation reviewed to the character and activities of the organization, to get acquainted with the personnel and with the premises, to verify that the organization is ready for Stage 2 Audit- verification of management system actual implementation according to the standard’s requirements.

Stage 2 Audit- Evaluation of management system’s actual implementation
The Stage 2 audit shall include interviews with management and personnel, records reviews, evaluation of work methods and processes and their compliance with standard’s requirements and organization’s procedures. The audit team shall collect audit findings and present them to the organization’s representatives. After successful audit and handing of non-conformities raised during the audit, when relevant, the certificate shall be issued within 21 days.

Surveillance audits
Surveillance audits are performed annually- 2 surveillance audits per a certification cycle period. During the surveillance audits we shall evaluate the implementation and maintenance of the management system, effectiveness of non-conformities handling from raised during previous audit, sample some of the key processes.

Re-Certification audits are performed 90 days prior to the certificates validity end date. During the audit we shall re-evaluate the implementation of the management system, the performance during the whole certification cycle and non-conformities handling during the whole certification cycle. After a successful audit and re-certification approval by the certification manager, the new certificate shall be issued within 21 days.

RONET International Certification Service Ltd. Puts emphasis on its auditors’ continual professional development in order for them to provide added value to customers during audits and maintains highavailability of its administrative team to provide its customers with high quality customer service.

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